Patents & Utility Models
Creative ideas are at the bottom of most successful businesses. However, the ideas themselves are of little value. Entrepreneurs and companies need to develop and implement their ideas in competitive products or services to return on innovation investment.
By allowing rights holders to control the use of their inventions and utility models, patents are a cornerstone in transforming innovation into leading-edge products that can significantly increase profits.
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Inventors, entrepreneurs, and companies of all sizes having a promising technical solution in any technology field.
If not to patent, competitors will be able to make the same product without paying for the use of your invention. As a result, it may substantially reduce your market share for that product.
It is of the highest importance not to disclose an invention to the public before filing a patent application since such disclosure may destroy the invention's novelty. It is also essential to ensure that your technical solution qualifies for patent protection and meets the stipulated patentability requirements. In addition, the patent application should disclose the invention in a manner sufficiently clear and complete to be carried out by a person skilled in the art.
We will conduct a search to assess the patentability of your development, plan the structure of the patent portfolio, draft a set of application materials, and ensure interaction with experts of the patent office throughout the entire patent procedure.
Senior Partner
Anton consults clients on strategies for innovative technology protection and participates in litigation and administrative disputes related to the protection of intellectual property rights.
Ph.D., Russian & Eurasian Patent Attorney
Head of practice