IP Litigation & Dispute Resolution
Intellectual property-related conflicts may arise in different situations. Among others are the need to appeal the patent office decision, contest third-party rights or defend from challenging yours, stop counterfeiting, prevent unfair competition, address the breach of contract, and so on.
Often IP disputes are the most complex cases requiring deep knowledge in various fields and strategic approach.
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Any business entity, entrepreneur, or person having a real or potential dispute associated with intellectual property rights.
Legal protection against any private property violation is not provided automatically but only when the right owners actively defend their interests.
Generally, before taking enforcement measures against infringement, it is essential to:
We will provide you with our expert opinion, estimate the chances of success and possible scenarios for the developments in the case, plan and implement all the necessary procedural and non-procedural actions, and represent your interests in the best possible way.
  • Pinpoint the scope of your IP rights;
  • Identify infringing parties, including producers and major distributors;
  • Determine the scale of infringement;
  • Calculate, if possible, your actual and potential losses;
  • Collect reliable evidence.
Keep in mind that sometimes negotiation is the best option to settle a dispute for all parties involved. Also, in Russia pre-trial order is mandatory in some matters, such as a trademark non-use cancellation action or litigation with monetary demands.
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Ramzan majors in complex IP litigation, licensing, and managing IP portfolios, assists clients in ensuring the protection of trademarks and designs in Russia and neighboring countries.
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