Licensing & IP Transactions
Creative expressions, innovations and technologies, valuable information and knowledge, the names for goods and services, and other intangibles protected by IP law are commercial assets, the rights to which can be assigned or licensed.
The assignment is a one-time transfer of an asset from a seller (assignor) to a buyer (assignee) against specific financial compensation. In contrast, granting a license presupposes a continuing relationship between parties to the agreement (licensor and licensee). The licensing enables an additional source of income generation, disseminates the right to exploit IP subject matter to new users, facilitates cooperation and the development of technologies, products, and brands.
The IP rights transaction may not only be in the form of an independent agreement. It may be a part of other IP-related arrangements, such as an artwork commission contract, R&D agreement, distributor agreement, M&A deal, etc.
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Startups, SME's and corporations, R&D centers, inventors, designers, creative industries professionals, and others involved in processes of creating intangible assets, their developing and commercializing.
Licensing-out allows the licensor to keep ownership of the asset and gain an economic advantage, usually through regular royalty payments.
The Russian Federation IP law imposes that disposals of rights to trademarks, patents, and industrial designs must be registered with Rospatent to become enforceable towards third parties.
We will assist you in preparing for the deal, exercise due diligence, and gather essential commercial, legal and technical information. We will support you throughout the negotiation process or conduct it on your behalf, drafting necessary documents or checking the papers provided by your counterparty. Finally, we will ensure the recording of an IP transaction in the registers.
Licensing-in provides access to new technologies and knowledge, in-demand creative works, and recognized brands, enabling the licensee to reach the desired business results.
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